Adult Tap – Beginners & Advanced

Have Fun! Learn to Tap!

Are you feeling bored, lethargic, out of shape or do you just fancy a change for the New Year? Don’t fancy the gym or the boredom of a structured keep fit regime? Then how about tapping your troubles away (not to mention those unwanted inches)? Why not try one of these fun and friendly classes? Exclusively for adults, you can choose from the Beginners/Intermediate or Advanced classes.

If you have never tapped before or tapped a little then the Beginners class is the one for you. The Advanced classes are suitable for anyone that has done tap dancing in the past. Why not come and take part in this fun style of dance? Tap shoes are not compulsory. Tap is great as a stress buster or just a chance to get away from the gym. Tap dancing helps improve your cardio fitness, rhythm, timing, flexibility and strength.

These classes will take students through the basics of tap dance technique culminating in the ability to perform a short group dance routine. Come along for some great music, some fine dance and a social atmosphere.

Musical Theatre – Stage 1, 2 & 3

Musical Theatre classes combine elements of music, movement and acting!

From Mamma Mia to Les Miserables – West End to Broadway!

This is suitable as an introduction to the art of Musical Theatre. Students will learn the basic performance techniques of singing, dancing and acting. This class promotes fitness, self-confidence, expands and develops communication skills and stimulates the imagination. In addition, students will learn warm-ups and exercises to improve basic technique.

The content includes musical excerpts from popular shows, exploring the many styles of musical staging and performance either in a group or individually.

Modern Jazz – Stage 3 only

Attention, all you budding Beyonces and Justin Biebers out there!

Modern Jazz is a commercial style of dance that is simple and fun to do.

Modern Jazz classes combine all the up-to-date moves with the latest chart music. Fun and challenging exercises are used to develop physical skills, coordination and rhythm. Classes include warm-up, centre technique and funky routines. This is an energetic, dynamic form of dance suitable for everyone who wants to get moving!

Beginners Jazz is a great introduction to dance generally. It helps movement and confidence.

A fun and funky way to start the weekend!


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